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UpRising Black Futures 

An annual cohort program selecting three Minnesota based artists to imagine a police free future. Especially now it is important, to recognize art and artistic production as essential cultural artifacts  to document the imagination and memories of what happens inside of communities during moments of protest. This program gives artists a chance to create alternative imaginings of what scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore calls “life-affirming institutions

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No Future Without Art 

A two day regional organizing intensive of Art and Social Justice for Black artists in Minnesota. Exploring the ways artists in Minnesota are celebrating blackness and inspiring liberation work inside and outside of systems. 


The Because Black Life Conference 

A (Black)mosphere of art, education and organizing. An annual gathering taking place at Universities across Minnesota to ‘check in’ on black life and a ‘looking forward’ toward the next years of black life in Minnesota. A chance for organizers across the country to drop in on the unique conversations that are happening in Minnesota that can better black life nationally. 

Black Lines Matter 

Black Lines Matter is a regular writing space for black communities to connect, get feedback and engage other black poets. This is a space where we think through the craft of writing and the tactics of liberation. [Scheduled bi-weekly] 

A Garden Of Black Joy_ Book Release _ Th

The Free Black Table Open Mic 

The Free Black Table Open Mic is a regular gathering space for black artists in Minnesota, to unapologetically get free through their art. Exclusively for black artists, this is a space where artists across mediums can be celebrated, promoted and have an opportunity to network with other artists

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